Gas Main Replacement in Stockbridge  


Update from SGN (Scottish Gas Network) on Monday 17th February:

As Lothian Buses are unable to restore the bus services 24, 29 and 42 because of the uncertainty that Raeburn Place will be free from obstructions, SGN will be running a free shuttle bus (the "Stockbridge Shuttle") along the route shown in the map below. Here are details SGN sent to us:


o   Hours of operation will be 0830-1730, Tuesday to Saturday

o   The shuttle will run three times an hour, stopping at each bus stop on route

























While the S&ICC will try to keep you informed, you can always check SGN's website here


Lothian Buses will continue to operate the diverted service which has been in operation since 6 January; this means that the 24, 29 and 42 buses will not travel through Stockbridge in either direction. The 36 bus will turn left into Kerr Street from Hamilton Place and will head up to Howe Street then turn right into George Street stopping at bus stops on the way. It will then carry on to Lothian Road where it will rejoin its regular route. The stop in George Street is just before Castle Street. The 36 will also return along the same route in reverse to rejoin its regular route in Hamilton Place. If using the Lothian Buses bus app on your phone, check arrival times for Hamilton Place for the 36 bus heading into the centre or Lothian Road for the 36 bus heading out of the centre then add on a sensible margine to allow for time for the bus to reach your bus stop as the app is not being updated for the diversions.



Bus Diversions in Phaes 2 of the Gas Main Replacem Stockbridge Shuttle Map