Gas Main Replacement in Stockbridge  


Update from SGN (Scottish Gas Network) on Monday 10th March:

"Our work in Raeburn Place is still on track and progressing well. We've been carrying out additional work to our network at the junction of Hamilton Place and Kerr Street due to an emergency. This work is almost complete and the temporary traffic lights in place at the junction will be removed by Monday next week [16 March]. A section of our new plastic pipe has now been inserted in to the old metal pipe in Raeburn Place. Because we've completed our work in the narrowest section of the road, the Lothian Bus service will become available to those travelling eastbound from Tuesday 17 March. The temporary Stockbridge Shuttle service we were providing will run until the evening of 14 March. Thanks again to Stockbridge residents and business owners for your continued patience and understanding while we complete our essential work."


While the S&ICC will try to keep you informed, you can always check SGN's website here


We are awaiting confirmation that Lothian Buses will implement the original modification to the diversions of the bus services 24, 29, 42 and 36. The 36 has been operating in both directions on the diverted route from Hamilton Place via Circus Place, Howe Street and George Street to and from Lothian Road. We expect the service from Lothian Road to Hamilton Place to continue on this diverted route while the service in the opposite direction will return to its normal route via Leslie Place, etc. Assuming this is confirmed, the following map shows you the diversions expected.



Bus Diversions in Phaes 2 of the Gas Main Replacem Bus Diversions in Phaes 2 of the Gas Main Replacem